Dual Second Stage Regulator – DSS7

The Dual Second Stage Regulators are now available.  These new regulators come with both overpressure and under pressure protection as per UL-144 standard. 

It will be used for domestic or small commercial applications with a maximum inlet pressure of 30 psi and BTU capacity above 2 million depending on the version.  It is offered in both 11” w.c. and 2 psi outlet pressure with a ¾” inlet connection and ¾” and 1” outlet connections, as well as in-line and 90^ angle versions.  The safety device will close off the gas flow when activated and can only be reset manually. 

Key Features

This device will shut off the gas supply when the pressure galls below (UPSO) or above (OPSO) the set point (shown in the Safety Device section).

This safety is activated when the outlet pressure decreases / increases due to :

  • Lack of inlet pressure from container (out of gas situations)
  • Diaphragm rupture or valve seat failure (overpressure)

The device will shut down not allowing gas to flow either downstream or through the vent when activated. It can only be manually reset by a qualified technician after the condition causing the device to activate is resolved. It will not allow large volumes of gas to be released as traditional relief valves do primarily avoiding a release until the source container can be shut off.

View product flyer here.

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