GPI Transloader Available for Purchase

CHS Propane has a 2018 transloader available for purchase. This portable tower is designed to unload rail cars to trucks at a rate of 200 GPM at 100°F and exceeds all NFPA, Federal and Canadian standards.  This GPI transloader will not only transfer propane, but butane and propylene as well. The unit is designed to recover vapor and transfer to or from trucks, rail cars or storage tanks and includes a Generac generator to power the unit and is installed on a 25,000# GVW trailer.

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For details regarding pricing contact Kenton Sonnenburg at 651-355-8429 or

Portapacks Available for Immediate Delivery

Energy Equipment has 18,000-gallon portapacks that are available for rent. Portapacks work like a bulk plant, yet have the ability to be transported. They are a great resource that allow for temporary storage of propane in places that stationary tanks are unable to be set. Portapacks can also be used during harvest when quick access to propane is needed in hard to access places.

If you are interested in learning about pricing or more information, call Energy Equipment at 1-800-852-8186, option #1.

SENSIT Gold Gas Leak Detector

SENSIT GOLD CGI can help you find gas leaks quickly!  Displaying up to 4 gases at the same time, SENSIT GOLD CGI can sense Propane, Natural Gas, Gasoline, Methane, Butane, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen and more.  Leaks are accurately detected below ground, in confined spaces and on exposed piping.

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For more information, contact CHS Energy Equipment at 800-852-8186, option #1.