RegO® Presto-Link 

Fast, accurate testing for LPG tanks and regulators.  Available to purchase through the CHS Safety Reimbursement Rebate. Contact CHS Energy Equipment at 1-800-852-8186, option 1 for more information.

How to Perform a Leak Check using Presto-Link:

For more information and to schedule a demonstration clear here.

CHS Energy Equipment Pump and Tank Sale

Improve delivery efficiencies & save your customers money by right sizing end user storage tanks. Your customers will benefit from adequate storage in times of tight supply, making you an even more valued partner. Receive an extra 10% discount on Full Truckloads of tanks & stock up on GPI & Fill-Rite Pumps & Meters. Sale runs through March 31st, 2024.

How to participate

For the tank sale, view available tanks and package options. Visit our website for pump and meter sale prices. For questions and freight quotes contact CHS Energy Equipment at 1-800-852-8186, option 1.

You can mix and match different tanks and even split deliveries between locations or partnering marketers. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Grow your lubricant gallons with a Smart-Kart portable lubricant dispenser

CHS Energy Equipment currently has a Portable Oil/Lubricant Dispensing Cart (SKL SMARTK-1576) in Stock at the IGH Warehouse. This Mobile system is specially designed to transfer oils and lubricants from bulk tanks, totes, or drums to appropriate containers. Each Smart-Kart™ includes on-board controls that automatically adjust pump speed based on transfer product viscosity, thereby optimizing the flow rate to achieve maximum-speed delivery. The unit operates on 115 VAC power. 2-inch diameter suction and 1-1/2-inch discharge hoses and fittings are included, and each cart comes with a product drain catch tank. Components are mounted on a custom-designed, powder-coated steel frame equipped with pneumatic tires. All Smart-Karts™ equipped with meters are Weights-and-Measures compliant for reliable and accurate custody transfer applications involving a range of oils and lubricants.

The SKL SMARTK-1576 model includes a 1.5” TCS 700 Aluminum Weights & Measures Meter (for re-sale), TCS aluminum air eliminator, TCS Mechanical Register, TCS manually operated ticket printer equipped on a newly re-designed Stainless Steel Cart. Current lead times on a new SKL SMARTK range from 18-20 weeks.

Read the Smart-Kart operation manual here or contact CHS Energy Equipment on more information at (800) 852-8186 ext 1 or