New Tuthill Fill-Rite Pump Warranty Program

Tuthill Fill Rite-Pumps have released a new, 5-year warranty program for pumps that were purchased July 1st, 2019 and after. This program will specifically be impacting the FR1200 Series, the FR700V Series, the FR600 Series and the FR300V Series. Their policy was updated on July 1st, 2020.

Click HERE to read the full, new warranty policy.

Otodata Monitors are Here!

Energy Equipment has recently added a new line of tank monitors through Otodata Tank Monitors. These monitors are a low cost of ownership solution that make large-scale implementation affordable and reliable for all fuel resellers. A solution with a low monthly fee, a simple start up process, and an app that not only allows customers to check their tank levels on demand but also set up customized tank level alerts.

Click HERE to check out our online shopping cart and to order your Otodata monitor today.

Virtual CHS Energy Roadshow

Join the Virtual CHS Energy Roadshow, taking place from Monday August 3rd – Thursday August 6th. The roadshow will consist of 9 different 45-minute sessions, including presentations from Hedging, Propane, Energy Equipment, Husky Services, Lubricants, Transportation, Propane Safety and Refined Fuels. Each session will have a live Q & A at the end of the presentation.

Click HERE for the registration page.

Unable to make a session and still have questions? Watch the recorded session on-demand and then attend our group Q & A on Thursday, August 6th starting at 11:00 am.