Important Information on the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit

In August 2022, NPGA played a critical role in the reinstatement of the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit. The credit is now available through December 31, 2024, and NPGA estimates it to be worth over $200 million annually to the propane industry. Claim the credit. Don’t leave money on the table.  

The Next Steps:
1)   Share the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit document with your tax professional. This document is not tax advice. It is a tool for you to share with your tax professional. A tax professional can determine eligibility and use of the credit.  

2)   Keep in mind – the credit is available retroactively for 2022. There is a 180-day window to submit all retroactive claims. This one-time opportunity begins on October 13, 2022, and runs through April 11, 2023.  

3)   Share the document with your customers.  

4)   Forklifts are eligible to claim the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit.  

5)   Claim your tax credit. NPGA is sharing this document with all association members. It will also be available on the Member Dashboard of NPGA’s website. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Baker, NPGA’s Vice President of Legislative Affairs.  

CHS Energy Equipment Fill-Rite Pumps
Fall 2022 Special Pricing

CHS Energy Equipment is pleased to offer special pricing on select Fill-Rite pumps. These prices are only available until September 30, so order today! If you don’t see what you are looking for, or need more information, please contact us at 1-800-852-8186, option 1.

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Terms and conditions 
Please refer to and go to Terms & Conditions for more information. Prices, as shown herein, do not include any sales tax, excise tax or other similar tax, which will be added if applicable. 

To place an order 
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Order online at for an additional 2% discount, or contact CHS Energy Equipment at 1-800-852-8186, option 1 to place your order or set up your online account. 

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Fall special prices available through September 30. Order today!

NEW Fill-Rite Farm Nozzle Available Now

To combat supply chain issues, Fill-Rite designed and built the SDN100GAN farm nozzle. This 1” diesel farm nozzle is pressurized and automatic. It is UL approved and compatible with diesel, biodiesel up to B20, E10, kerosene, and gasoline. The nozzle is available for purchase today on the CHS Petroleum Equipment store here and is comparable to the Catlow Diesel Farm Nozzle N100DAU12G.

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