Bottom Draw 1,500gal DEF Tank Package – Available Today!

CHS Energy Equipment has a readily available 1,500gal Bottom Draw DEF tank package.

This DEF tank package is intended for indoor use and all fittings required to connect the pump as well as 2” Stainless Steel Top Fill Lines and a Parker 2” Male Stainless Steel Dry Break. The tank is manufactured with a DEF hanger bracket that can be used with your normal IBC DEF Tote Hanger systems.

*DEF pump kit is not included.

Package Includes:

QTYUOMDescription 1Description 2
1EASNY 1500SW1500 Gallon, 86″ x 72″ tank
1EASNY 34300013Nonvented Manway
1EASBD 00000172Tank Wrap
1EASNY 34702764Tote Mount Bracket
1EASNY 347027712″ SS Fitting, Hose Fill Line Ass includes 2″ ss bolted tank top fitting, ss elbows, ss nipples, ss adaptors, 2″ DEF hose, 2″ ss ball valve w/ 2″ ss male camlock & dust cap
1EASNY 341001042″ Bung EDPM Poly – in tank
1EAPLY P22″ Poly Plug for above fitting
1EASBD 9110723″ Bulk Tank Breather Vent
1EASNY 622993″ Bung EDPM Poly – in tank
1EASNY 347015962″ Double flanged fitting – SS
1EASNY 3411482″ Siphon Tube
1EAS4B 2X12″ x 1″ SS Reducer bushing
1EAS4L S11″ SS 90 deg street elbow
1EAS4N 1X31″ x 3″ SS nipple
1EAINL 1SSLL1″ SS Ballvalve
1EABAN HB100-751″ MNPT x 3/4″ Poly Hose Barb
2EASBD DEF-PRIME.88oz for thread seala
2EASBD DEFSEALA1.69 oz liquid thread sealant
1EASBD 911080KleerBlue Decal
1EAMEI TNKDRAWDrawing Approvals/Logistics

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Westmor’s Ergoload® Deck – Ergonomic Deck for Loading

The patented Ergoload® Deck was built to address concerns of driver ergonomics and fatigue. The design lowers the spray-fill and vapor-return lines about 20 inches lower than a conventional bobtail providing your drivers with a safer, ergonomic loading experience.

Drivers will be less fatigued and lower their chance of injuring their back, keeping them in production and safe! Choose from open deck or enclosed deck options.

Contact: Bryce Jergenson, Inside Sales at (320) 208-7304 or

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First Propane Tank Sale in 5 Years!

Pre-season pricing offer valid on full truck load orders of domestic propane tank sizes listed. Receive discounted pricing on all qualifying orders including mixed tank sizes. Orders must be placed between April 10, 2024 and May 31, 2024 to receive discounted prices. Prices include freight, restrictions apply.* View details and available tanks and package options.

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