Aquafighter Demo Kits Available Today!

About AquaFighter

Water in equipment can cause breakdowns and costly downtime. The best way to keep water out of equipment is through regular fuel tank maintenance and testing for water. The AquaFighter filter is designed to easily remove water from your diesel tank and is made from a high-tech water absorbing material that can collect up to 500 times its own weight.

The AquaFighter Kit **

The Aquafighter Demo Kit is a great way to introduce your customers to the Aquafighter product line. The demo kit can be used at shows or during customer presentations.

Included in the Aquafighter Demo Kit:

  • 1 Snake Filter (for visual purposes only)
  • 1 dip stick kit (includes the housing and one finger filter)
  • 1 pack of 5 replacement filters for dip stick kit
  • 1 demo tray
  • 1 white board/live demo sign and marker
  • 1 tabletop pop-up
  • 10-20 flyers double-sided
  • 1 laminated instruction sheet/list of recommended product sheet to use for demo
  • *Not included: Soda needed for demo purposes (dark color soda preferred)

Do not use diesel or gasoline for demonstration.

Please call Energy Equipment at 1-800-852-8186, option 1 to order.

**Deposit required. Please order at least 5-10 days prior to your event to allow for shipping time. A prelabeled return box is included. After your demonstration is complete, please follow the return instructions to receive a full deposit credit to your account. 

For a full refund, the contents of the kit need to be returned within 30 days of deposit invoice for credit to your account.

Tank Sampler Kits vs. Fuel Test Kits – Which one do I need?

CHS Energy Equipment has received many calls for fuel test kits and tank sampler kits. Fuel Test Kits are available through CHS Lubricants. The kit includes 4 bottles, testing paperwork, and shipping supplies. To order the fuel test kit through CHS Lubricants, please call 1-800-852-8186, option 3 or email

Energy Equipment will be stocking the CimTek Tank Sampler Kit (60035) in our distribution center by mid-March. This Tank Sampler Kit is a portable hand-operated vacuum suction pump designed to determine fuel conditions present in fuel storage tanks. For use on underground and above ground tanks for gasoline, diesel, ethanol-blends, biodiesel, as well as fuel oil tanks. The case is portable, easy to store and impervious to decomposition caused by fuels. Made in the USA. Not for use with aviation fuel. Kit Includes: Portable Hand-Operated Vacuum Suction Pump, Glass Jars and Carrying Case. To order a Tank Sampler Kit Click Here or call 1-800-852-8186, option, 1.

The Spring 2023 Energy Roadshow: Coming this March

The 2023 CHS Energy Roadshow is your opportunity to gain industry insights from our experts on the latest from Hedging, Propane, Refined Fuels. Lubricants, AquaFighter and Safety Equipment.

  • Hear Hedging as they explore price drivers in the energy market. They will discuss the global factors that are influencing our markets today and what may be in store for the future.
  • Learn how the propane industry has been impacted by its shift to a global commodity, demonstrating the need for wholesalers and retailers to be more closely aligned.
  • Listen to an informational session with Refined Fuels to learn more about the current state of refined fuels supply and to hear more about our next generation of Cenex Premium Diesel.
  • Boost your lubricants gallons in the construction market by leveraging the 2023 Equipment Cost Share and Heavy-Duty Expansion Programs.
  • Discover firsthand how to free your diesel tank from water content with AquaFighter experts.
  • Gain valuable insights into the safe handling of propane with Ken Mueller, a safety expert with more than 30 years in the industry. Ken will take a deeper dive into the benefits of tank and gas monitor systems for both you and your customers.

Benefit from this opportunity to connect with others in the industry, including decision-makers, sales staff, customer service representatives, and CHS Energy experts.
Join us for one of our three Spring 2023 CHS Energy Roadshows
Register now for in-person shows:

March 27th in Eau Claire, WI
March 28th in Fargo, ND
March 30th in Deadwood, SD

Can’t make it to our in-person events? Register for the March 28th virtual sessions here